Both computer use and mobile device use are associated with eye strain, the symptoms of which can be fatigue, blurry vision, double vision, eye strain, poor focus and concentration, or stinging, dryness and an itchy sensation in the eyes. The poor posture endemic with the use of both computers and mobile devices also leads to poor posture, as well as neck and shoulder stiffness and pain.

Study has shown that macular degeneration and glaucoma, both serious eye conditions, can have excessive screen activity as a factor in inception. Moreover, the blue light emitted from these devices has been shown to disrupt sleep and interfere with some hormone activity in the body.

What makes the potential harm that can incur with the use of smartphones even more of a concern then that incurred by other devices with screens is the manner in which they are used. Study has shown that most users do not hold their phones the recommended distance away needed to promote maximum safety. Factor in the added certainty that many users use their phones hunched over in the car, or while in bed, and the compliance gets even lower. It’s a good idea to consider less device use at night, to interfere less with your normal body clock. Also, check out eye-relevant nutrients to aid in the fight to keep your vision sound.

Key Takeaways:

  • Symptoms of eye damage, brought on by screen use, include blurred vision, double vision and eye strain.
  • What makes the use of mobile devices even more potentially damaging for users’ eyes is the fact that most users do not hold their mobile device far enough away from their eyes.
  • Study suggests most computer users keep their face a good 20 inches away, while those using smart phones can have them significantly closer, often half or less of the prescribed distance.

“We have summarized research on how smartphone misuse could contribute to the onset of serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.”

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