People who have both dry and watery eyes realize that their own tears are not necessarily the answer to their dry eye problem. The tear film lipid layer prevents the tear film from evaporating causing the problem. Australian researchers believe they have found a solution. Long-chain lipids make up 5% of the tear film lipid layer and are very important to one’s vision. The researchers are testing the long-chain lipids to find out their exact structure so they can try to duplicate it. They will then use this new synthetic lipid in eye drops for those with dry eyes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dry eyes are not caused by a lack of tears, but a lack of oil produced from lipids.
  • Scientists collect lipid layer samples to study the lipid layer.
  • Blanksy, Mitchell and their team hope to improve the quality of eye drops from their lipid research.

“This type of work provides a framework to produce a product that mimics, and is based on, the actual components that are present in human tears,”

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