Scientists recently developed a sensor that goes in a contact lens that is capable of detecting glucose levels of tears. The purpose of this device is to help manage diabetes. This device has been tested on a rabbit but has yet to be tested on a human subject. The scientists are hopeful that this will improve efficiency of diabetic screening due to problems with patient compliance through traditional testing methods. These results were published in a scientific journal in January if 2018.

Key Takeaways:

  • Great for detecting the patients glucose levels my testing he fluids that are secreted through the ducts of the eye.
  • The lens was made to solve discomfort issues of both testing your blood glucose levels and making sure that the lens is comfortable in ones eye.
  • All of the patient monitoring is done wirelessly through the contact lens’.

“Our smart contact lens provides a platform for wireless, continuous, and noninvasive monitoring of physiological conditions, as well as the detection of biomarkers associated with ocular and other diseases.”

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