AMD is a visual condition that affects older people, typically 55 years and older. It manifests as visual impairment as described by studies conducted in the Netherlands that included 5000 people. Quitting smoking and adjusting diet is said to be those which can offset the condition and in particular, engaging in the Mediterranean Diet. Eating fruits, vegetables and fish over meat is said to help with the later stages of the condition. While there is no direct proof that this type of diet is related to elevating the condition, it is suggested that healthy eating would be beneficial. Dr. Chew, who is an American eye doctor participated in the study. She is not alone when she said “You are what you eat” and while it was not stated in the article, the same is said by Ellington Dardon in his book, “High Intensity Training” and by the celebrity trainer, Richard Simmons. The article conclusively says that common sense healthy eating habits can and probably will minimize the symptoms of AMD.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of becoming blind in life.
  • A leading cause of vision loss is due to poor diet IQ.
  • Poor dietary habits are the root cause for many degenerative diseases of the eye.

“It’s time to take quitting a poor diet as seriously as quitting smoking.”

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