The Mediterranean Diet has been studied and linked to direct benefits for seniors. Improvements in cognitive ability and attention span were noticeable after following this diet. Studies were done on people in Northern Italty whom eat this diet and found that they had protected their vision and bodies of disease.

The diet is similar to the US Food Guide Pyramid, however there are some changes. Instead of calling for simply “plant oils”, the Mediterranean diet recommends Olive Oil instead. No red meat, processed or junk foods are recommended. Those that followed this diet showed a 35% less chance of doing poorly on cognitive testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seniors who followed a “Mediterranean” diet had better cognitive abilities and skills and their eye ability also was maintained and better than those who did not eat a similar type diet.
  • Mediterranean diet is not a diet per se but a way of eating stressing more fish and seafood, olive oil & less red meat, chicken and no junk food a diet more like diet the people of Northern Italy eat.
  • A study of a over 6000 seniors who followed the diet had a 35% less memory deterioration on a graded test & those who just ate a moderately similar diet had a 15% reduction in cognitive ability.

“seniors had better memory and attention if they followed the Mediterranean Diet.”

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