Macular edema occurs when fluid builds up in the macula, causing the macula to become swollen and central vision to become distorted. Diabetes, macular degeneration, vein blockages and a variety of other eye problems can cause macular edema. Symptoms can include distorted central vision or decreased color perception, but your eye care professional can determine whether this is caused by macular edema or not by running the proper tests. Treatments often involve injection into the eye of drugs that block vascular endothelial growth factor, which can be responsible for abnormal blood vessel growth in the eye.

Key Takeaways:

  • Macular edema can be a very serious health issue and lead to blindness. However if found it can be treated but may have an underlying cause.
  • There are multiple ways to treat macular edema. But left untreated it can cause blindness
  • If you are diabetic be on the lookout for macular edema and contact an optimoligist if symptoms appear.

“Research has shown that certain nutrients, including antioxidants, can help reduce and manage inflammation throughout the body and help protect the retina from damage.”

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