I am discussed about the topic is Lenses with Cataracts Regenerated Using Stem Cells… Stem cells used to grow eye lenses could help treat young and old with cataracts..It was named one of the eight Notable Advances by Nature Medicine in 2016 and called “one of the finest achievements in the field of regenerative medicine,”It also used to grow eye lenses in lab…It might be possible to transplant a lens cell into a patient so that they can regrow a clear lens…

Key Takeaways:

  • Standard treatment of cataracts is inserting an artificial intraocular lens
  • A new lens grows gradually in place over eight months on
  • The researchers chose children because intraocular lens replacement surgery is riskier for them

“A breakthrough operation has regenerated the lenses of 12 children using stem cells.”

Read more: https://www.naturaleyecare.com/blog/lens-cataracts-stem-cells/