Meet Dr. Michael Mazaheri who is a leading provider of No-Cut Lasik

Dr. Michael Mazaheri is an ophthalmologist with offices in Far North Dallas and Plano, Texas, who provides flapless LASIK. He has spent over 15 years refining this advanced LASIK technique, which is virtually painless, involves no corneal incisions, and can provide instant vision enhancement. In fact, he owns several patents related to this technique (including US6034292A and US9192517B2). He was awarded a third patent in February of 2018 that defines the post-op regimen of flapless LASIK, which had never been correctly defined.

This achievement essentially identifies Dr. Mazaheri as the father of flapless LASIK. As a center that adopted this technique more than a decade ago, we are the first of this generation of LASIK centers in the United States.

Dr. Mazaheri provides flapless LASIK to patients from all over the country. He hopes to see no-cut LASIK eventually become the standard in LASIK surgery. Many patients have experienced life-changing benefits after trusting their vision to Dr. Mazaheri. In fact, many of his patients are fellow physicians.