The term “pinkeye” is often used to describe any condition that makes the whites of the eyes appear pink or red. Treatment includes the use of medication in the form of eyedrops, and pills if necessary, to promote healing and to help decrease eye pain. Eyedrops that dilate the pupil, called cycloplegics, are often used to make the eye more comfortable and to prevent adhesions of the pupil to the underlying lens.Shining light in the normal, unaffected eye causes pain in the affected eye if iritis is present.

Key Takeaways:

  • Iritis is the most common form of uveitis, which is the 3rd most common form of blindness
  • Iritis can be caused by injury or trauma
    autoimmune disorders
    side-effect of certain medications
    certain cancer
    other or unknown reasons
  • Iritis can be treated by steroids and a regular intake of essential vitamins

“Most of the time, iritis resolves in less than 6 weeks; however, iritis can reoccur. It can signal acute or chronic underlying disease in the body, and therefore should be cared for by a qualified healthcare professional.”

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