Many objects can end up in the eye. These objects include eyelashes, dry mucus, dirt and sand, dust, lost contact lenses, metal or glass particles or makeup. Having something in your eye can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings but can also be one of the most dangerous events as well. As a result of having something in your eye you may experience pressure, burning, red eyes, itching or blurred vision. Most of the time removing something from the eye can be easy just always remember to wash your hands! If this task is too difficult or painful contact your doctor!

Key Takeaways:

  • Debris in the eye can be a mild irritation or may be extremely painful, which may cause a need for a trip to the ER.
  • There are many things that can get in the eye, including dust, makeup, eyelashes, dirt, and many others.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before attempting to remove anything from eye to prevent infection or further irritation.

“anything from a piece of dust to a lodged pencil”

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