Glaucoma is the result of the optic nerve becoming damaged because of fluid build up in the eye. Prescription eye drops are one of the ways to help the condition but research is showing an unexpected derivative of turmeric called curcumin, which could help effectively treat the early symptoms of glaucoma. Curcumin eye drops could be the future according to the latest research on glaucoma treatments. The biggest enemy to glaucoma could be sitting in your pantry right now.

Key Takeaways:

  • Loss of retinal ganglion cells results in the deterioration of eyesight, but till now scientists have not identified any alternatives to prevent the loss of these cells
  • The researches found a special nanocarrier which is made of substances safter for the use of humans, that increases curcumin’s solubility almost 400,000 times so that it can contain higher quantities
  • When the rats are applied with the innovative eye drops, two times a day for a period of 3 weeks, the researchers found that the retinal ganglion cell loss was significantly reduced.

“there is a workable method that could allow curcumin to be delivered to the back of the eye directly using eye drops.”

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