There is a new way to monitor the amount of medication a patient is receiving when battling an eye disease. Normally there is no way to tell if the medicine is working, until recently when a contact lens was created to administer the medicine. The lenses are colored and so can be monitored to make sure the medicine is released from the contacts and the patient has received the treatment. This new creation may help them fight eye disease in a whole different way without the eye rejecting the treatments.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is hard to tell how much actually gets in the eye when it comes to eye drop treatment.
  • There is a new lens that will change colors when it interacts with the drop.
  • The color changes that happen will determine if the medication gets where it needs to be.

“In laboratory experiments the molecularly imprinted contact lenses were loaded with timolol a drug used to treat glaucoma then the team exposed the lenses to a solution of artificial tears which was used as a stand in for the eye”

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